Thursday, December 9, 2010

Green Day

We went back to Hollywood as my sister is obsessed with the strip. We looked through shops again, I bought a few things.. again.

This time we learned and avoided the con artists. My sister and I finally found the Harry Potter cement prints in front of the Chinese Theatre. We couldn't find it last time, and maaaan we needed to open our eyes because it was seriously straight in front of the Chinese Theatre.

We also did a little more souvenir shopping, I laughed so much when I saw this cup. I didn't buy it don't worry! And if you can't tell through the photo, the cup is only a semi circle!

We looked at Victoria's Secret and it was a huge let down! I don't know what we were expecting but we walked out disappointed. Jana tried on all the perfumes and she thought she smelled like a baby prostitute (I wonder how one captures that in a bottle).

I had a Beard Papa cream puff, which I love back in Brisbane! Then we walked up to The Cobra Snake Shop - a hoard of vintage and designers stashed in a grungy garage-esque outlet. They were having a sale and I found the cutest vintage dress for 15 dollars. It's like black velvet but with huge white collars framing the start of the dress. Actually, that's meant to be the back but I tried it on backwards because I prefer the front to the back and the back as the front. My sister bought two t-shirts and so we got a free run in their photo booth.

We also then... ran into.... MIKE FROM GREEN DAY! You know? The loner dude in the background? YEAHHH, and he was very chilled, laid back, easy going, and a lot older than I thought. We took photos then ran out like school girls. My sister's heart was thumping out of her ribcage in excitement - I knew that her Hollywood [life] dream was to run into a celebrity.

After summing up Sunset Boulevard for the second time, we quickly had lunch at Korea town which planted the craving of Korean BBQ in my head (but wasn't satisfied). We popped over to Little Tokyo. My sister and I spent a few hours in Kinokuniya book store. I bought pens, I LOVE PENS. I also bought two little note pads which I've already filled with one road trips worth of Haikus and two books for Kevin and I about toys.

We then moved onto Asian town Monterey Park so mum can find some Chinese herb.. I scabbed some Ginseng tea. Yeah.. I don't really dig Ginseng tea but I know it's good for you so I finished it off.