Tuesday, December 21, 2010


To begin with.. these are the images I couldn't attach to my previous posts in Taiwan
LAX airport

I picked my mum's grey hairs BAHAHA - 10 for $1 I made $1.20.

George's Christmas Stocking for me! HOW COOL IS IT. I LOVE IT.

My snapped lock done by US CUSTOMS

My childhood chocopop

Egg pudding

Birthday cake!

A little awkward family photo


We had breakfast at some chain food cafe, and apparently its a typical breakfast but looked like a splat of sausage, spam and noodles to me. It was delicious and cheap anyway!

We then bought a sim card for me to use in Hong Kong so it is more cheaper and accessible. My number is the coolest thing ever, I would move to HK just to continue use of such cool digits. I've always had gay numbers given to me so 9357 9557 is SO COOL. EVERYBODY NOD IN AGREEMENT! (Its probably freakish to have given my HK number but its only for 2 weeks so please people use it sensibly. Texting me for Christmas is acceptable but just remember the country code +852.)

We moved on to a double decker public transport bus. Quinton seated us right at the top at the front to experience the reckless yet skilled driving that all Asian drivers perform. They seriously kiss the next bus ahead and it is so scary! We finally got to our destination which is apparently shortened to TST. I got my understanding of Hong Kong through my experience of Japan so apparently TST is similar to Shibuya.

We basically walked around the entire day. I GOT TO SEE A CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN STORE, AND OH MY GOD SOMEONE GET ME A BUCKET. Yeah I know, I normally say fetch me a bucket for me to vomit in but OH MY GOD SOMEONE GET ME A BUCKET TO COLLECT MY DROOLING. THOSE SHOES ARE ABSOLUTELY, GODSMACKINGLY SEXY. I desperately want a pair of those heavenly sent leather manufactures. Shoes are my only connection to the materialistic world haha!

If only I had a pet.. we could drink in style

Okay a whole paragraph for Christian Louboutin was a little much. Hahaha, Quinton & I went to Page One where Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter was there signing his books so we both bought a book each to get that personal touch. He talked to us for like half an hour on the most awkward topics as people were lining behind us. We were ready to move on so many times but he was interested in the awkward parts of historical Taiwan that I wasn't even too knowledgeable about. I would've thought he'd ask both of us about the fashion in Australia rather than history, the boredom of Singapore, guessing my nationality.


Then Pac met up with us and we pretty much all bummed. Firstly it was the music store, then random department stores, then at a shabby tea shop, Avenue of the Stars and ended with standing in the same spot for about 15 minutes saying to each other, "WHAT TO DO!!"

Pac and Quin

The phone is the tongue!

Pac & Quinton - So romantic <3

Traditional Candy & Coconut Wrap was pwnage!

Ginger sugar candy - it was so stale so we all had a spitting contest instead

All suave with a business card

Pac and I dressed quite similarly bottom down, how lame.. hahaha

Bruce LEE (that dude standing behind me is thinking, "omg shame" *hand to head* and LOL all these old people started posing like Bruce Lee after I did it. I am starting photo whoring trend!)


We decided we were all tired so we went home. Quinton and I grabbed dinner, shopped for snacks and walked home.
Quinton's digestion of intestines, lungs and all things spare

Floatie and Pretty Green

Now we're just chilling and scabbing internet from some sucker (YAY FOR US!)
I love Hong Kong so far though, it encapsulates the beauty and traditions of Asia without the full confrontation of the hectic culture shock whilst twining in the best of the Western world. But in the end, Asia is Asia and it is still quite dirty.