Friday, December 24, 2010

Lan Kwai Fong

Quinton and I woke up on Christmas Eve and went to Yum Cha with his family.
I haven't had Yum Cha in ages but the Crispy Roast Pork was SO beautiful, I literally drooled and drowned in my saliva pool.

We decided that we were going to leave our apartment and not come home, so Quinton and I were a little snazzy for a family lunch. We convinced Naomi to come out with us for the day as well, so while we waited for her to get ready Quinton and Ray taught me how to play poker.
Aww Dior mannequin with a bad hair day on the floor haha

Oh yeah, I got a better poker face than Lady Gaga and ripped their fortunes. They had to eventually borrow from the 'bank'. But to be honest, I didn't really know what I was doing but if I'm good at playing boys then I'm a master of games right (Note that that was a joke, and in fact I am terrible at being a man player haha).

Naomi, Quinton and I left for Causeway Bay to eat cake at this adorable cake cafe called Zoe. The strawberry iced tea went swimmingly with my double decker chocolate hazelnut patisserie.

We then looked around department stores like Sogo and bought chocolate mochi cake from Muji. We had fun in like an Ikea type store called G.O.D where we fell in love with furniture and technogel pillows (they are so gel soft like marshmallows).

I had no idea this was how ginger grew!

We went up to the hairdressers (one of their family's business) to rest for a bit to say hello and for Naomi to muck around with my hair

We got a ticket for the awesome Sushi restaurant we ate at last time and waited for Daniel to arrive. We had to wait 1 hr and 40 minutes to finally be let in to eat. When we got the ticket it was 156 and our number was 234 so you could imagine how frustrated we were. But we ate a feast and celebrated with sake! I got my childhood marble lemonande soda pop!

We caught the train to Lan Kwai Fong to try and quickly make the Christmas countdown but the police set up long detours to guide the herd of humans so it took way too long. The amount of people that wanted to celebrate was crazy! We had to wait for nearly an hour to make it to the venue so we totally missed the countdown. We decided to have a Thailand Christmas as as Thailand is one hour behind, so we celebrated our Thailand Christmas in a Russian bar!
Monopoly time in the train station!

Hehehe looks like everybody is playing! GO TO JAIL!

The Russian bar was one of the fewer venues that wasn't overcrowded which was good for us sore feet carriers. They had Russian musicians that played emotion invoking songs. Naomi and I had a little twirl, we kept confusing who was the boy.
Haha one of the Russian singers caught me and waved hello!

Quinton and I dropped our jaws when we saw this STUNNING Russian girl. She had slicked blonde hair and her frame was so alien like it was totally out of this world (HAHA DO YOU LIKE MY PUN??) It was the first time I actually screamed out, "FUCK SHE'S HOT" - she definitely has to be a model. I don't even like girls but we were all jealous of her less-than-stunning boyfriend.

Moving on, I had an Applicious and we laughed at Daniel's misfortune in choosing 2 terrible drinks in a row while we enjoyed Guava, Kiwi and Apple cocktails.

We then moved to the Russian Ice Bar. Naomi and I got to wear thick bear coats to keep us warm, I now understand the necessity of fur coats for pimps. I totally felt pimpstress. We had 4 shots each, I had Lavender, Strawberry, Melon and I forgot the last one.

We all decided to rest by the street and decide our next move, while we did that - we (well mainly me) decided to greet every passerby with a Christmas greeting in whatever language I thought they spoke. It varied from sang dan faai lok, shen dan kuai ler, Merry Christmas, felis natale, buon natale, joyeux noel, felis navidad.. etc.

I got rejection, I also got jubilee celebration and I had some who just whispered it to me to avoid baring shame. I think that part of my night was the most fun as the air constantly rang with giggles.

We said bye to 3# (That's his nickname in Chinese), Carson and others to go reunite with Pac who was DJing at Wan Chai. This venue was on the 28th floor and you pay about $30 for all you can drink. The girl gave me a gift box with shot glasses and cards.

DJ Pac

I pretty much died at this point in the night, but I tried to boogie as much as I could. I learned one thing though, Asian girls can't dance and Asian boys hawk like seagulls at any girl who seems intoxicated. I remember seeing like 4 boys surrounding this 1 girl all trying their luck. Poor thing.
You can see that I was exhausted by this point

At the end of the night a dude came over to drink with me, I think he thought I was pretty lonely as I just sat next to the DJ booth ready to sleep. After that all his friends came over to take photos with me and I felt a little uncomfortable because they didn't even ask me.
Daniel fell asleep and got abused by Deena

then Naomi...

Then I got harassed by two brothers who thought I looked 24-28 (totally offended) and freaked when I said I was 18. I got Quinton to save me and we decided it was time to tie the night to an end.

Some dude that was standing outside the window watching the TV in the cafe for about half an hour.. well that's how long we were there so who knows!

But untie the morning and grab a quick breakfast.
I got home at 7:00 am, to find that I had received flowers from a mysterious Santa Claus. It was very thoughtful and it blossomed my tired morning. Thank you :)
And also thank you to the blog readers who sent me a greeting!

Merry Christmas, this year has been so good to me.