Sunday, December 12, 2010

San Francisco

We were on the tour bus for the entire day of San Francisco, firstly we went to the Marina district which is the money pimpin' hood of San Fran.

Afterwards we went beside Golden Gate Bridge, where we also saw how HUGE that cable is.

We then went to Fisherman's Wharf, where we looked around Pier 39 and ate Clam Chowder with Sourdough Bread at Boudin.

Whole store dedicated to Left Handers

We all then hopped on a lovely boat cruise to be welcomed out to sea by an orgy of seals hahahahahahahaha! HOW CUTE AND FAT ARE THEY!!!

We sailed out under the Golden Gate then returned to float around Alcatraz like sitting ducks. For all who don't know, Alcatraz was an old prison situated on pretty much a big rock suspended in the water.

When we were returning to dock we saw about 20 seagulls using the tailwind of the boat to lazily steal a ride. It was so hilarious because they just looked like they were just hovering. Sometimes they lose wind and just tumble into the sea.

Nomnomnom hair tastes so good

Afterwards we checked out the crooked street of Lombard. I don't get why they do that zig zag hedge business on a huge angled slope! The cars were crawling slower than ants down the road to avoid any mishaps!

We had a Filo family on the bus where there was two girls who just constantly bitch stared my sister and I and would deliberately whisper while look at us all the time. The dad was super nice and came to talk to us, and told us they were from Adelaide so he called the girls over to introduce because he thought it'd be good for the trip! At that time, two other girls from Sydney came up to me and asked, "You're from Melbourne! That's so cool" So I started chatting to those girls while my sister awaited the introduction from the father.

I was SO angry to hear my sister say hello to them and their father telling them that we were from Australia too, the first girl just went, "Oh really WOOW" *rolled eyes* while the 2nd girl just laughed behind her. So, I installed mega bitch mode into my brain and for the rest of the trip gave them both ultimato queen ice stares. I always won the stare fight. They may have won the battle with my sister, but its war against the Lynch army.

One of the tour guides told me that I should be a model.. or a pilot. A bit contrasting right?

Then we checked out City Hall and drove past the Homosexual area.
Lol okay so my sister and I were doing that whole thing of, seeming like they're looking at you but slightly off so you question if they are or not? Hahaha can you seeee?

Baptism going on

Houses famous for surviving earthquake?

Oh and the modern church of Mary's Assumption (okay I kind of forgot), I think the tour mainly used it for toilets but I stopped by and prayed seeing as me and God lost internet connection for a while.
I love this photo of my mum, she thinks its ugly though! Ok I just showed her in the big and she thinks its pretty now hahaha

We went to Chinatown for dinner - where it was SO dirty. I used one of the toilets and I extra hovered on top because I saw poo dry caked all around the bottom of the toilet. Isn't that absolutely disgusting? UGHHHH

It was a whole Xmas tree of paper cranes, AWW. I've loved paper cranes since I was as little as 4 years old, I've folded them since then! I have a whole jar that I folded in my house.

A gang of Spanish/Mexican/Asian boys decided to follow my sister and I around Chinatown and yelling stuff like, "hey girls" "you're hot" "what you up to tonight" etc. We eventually power walked to the bus.

Mummy has been so adorable on this America trip, she's been collecting the penny souvenirs from different locations.

Sorry my details are pathetic, I'm very busyyy!