Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Causeway Bay

We woke up rather early - again.
Then we decided to bum together, surfing the net and reading the entire book of Face Hunter together always commenting on Yvan's writing, the clothes and the concept.
Our butts finally moved to take a shower and change to head out to Causeway Bay.

It was about Brunch time so we took a train and waited outside a sushi shop called Itacho in Laforet for about 30 minutes. Our smiles and stomachs lit up as the waiter called 234 (our ticket number).

This blue wine taste tester topped my Sushi off GOOD

I met two foodgasms in this sushi experience (btw the sushi was terribly close in quality to Tsukiji in Japan so I was very surprised)

Sparky was the first little foodgasm, the 2nd was an Explosion. That's what I nicknamed the Yellowtail and the Fatty Tuna mushed with Shallots.

Then we walked around all the department areas like i.t, I.T.. I also got to see some exclusive shops that we don't have in Australia - like Vivienne Westwood, Clot, XLARGE, Jeffrey Campbell.. etc. It was good fun
Hahaha 3 people behind Quinton said in Cantonese as this photo was getting taken, "OH NO SHE'S TOO TALL TO FIT" "SHE'S PRETTY" "SHE GOT STTYYYLEEE"
I think the English translation makes the last line funny, but Quinton said that in Cantonese they always say that. Hahaha!

Quinton couldn't fit at all... and smashed his head on the ceiling part hahaha!

Michael Lau's figurines

I bought one dress so far in Hong Kong and I love it. I'll wear it on Christmas!
Quinton and I then went back to his family's house where we ate a beautiful dinner for this Winter Festival celebration. I love Quinton's mum, and she fed me til I was about to burst like a balloon!
Respect for Quinton for trying on a girl's beanie in a girl packed store, hahah how adorable is it though!

I don't think u can see properly but these were big ass ninja snow boots that have been fashion-ized.. I don't know who would buy them. We got in trouble for taking the photo!


Then Quinton and I headed back out to meet up with Pac for drinks. We all went (and had to line up) for this bar/place called Inn Side Out. Oh by the way, I saw 3 celebrities so far in my Hong Kong trip (like I really know or love them but COOL YEAH?). They had Boddington beers and I stuck to good ol' Australian Chardonnay, I just didn't know what else so I stuck safe to hometown trust.
Hehehehe, he got STTTTYYLEEE

They're totally digging each other's conversations

Quinton and I then caught a minibus and taxi home, with the blood crusted moon that held up the night sky.


Anonymous said...

Wow what camera do you use!? Great blog btw :)