Thursday, December 16, 2010


Today I went to a Taxidermy museum, well its the Natural History museum but it was all taxidermy displays with information plaques below it. REALLY interesting, I wandered around by myself to go read as much as I can while my family sat on benches.

All the animals you will see from now on are either stuffed dead real animals or fossils unless otherwise mentioned! CRAZY

I remember crossing the road and yawning like a big ugly pelican and this van driver mocked me and asked if I was sleepy hahaha I felt so embarrassed!
Dude that fatty boom boom seal was massive, imagine skinning him..

Not a real animal, this is a cute donation box BAHAHAHA

Whale teeth to filter krill

I learned a lot of interesting facts but seeing as I'm leaving tomorrow and have to go sleep now, yet I want to post this post as I won't have internet in Taiwan.. I'm sorry but I'm just going to show some of the pictures and the details will have to be left to your imagination. Hahahaha
Whale bones

I actually faced me fears and went into the Insect Zoo, god I'm cringing typing and putting the photos on. Yuck yuuck..bleh jelly fingers

This is me crying like a siren wail

Good to know that even the Jungle society has nymphs

Spot the insect yuck

Tomorrow is my flight to Taiwan which I am not looking forward to. That's a 2 hour car ride, 12 hour plane ride, then a 2 hour bus ride. Fun fundilly lily fun.
Beetle 2:"I want to be big spoon, I'm always little spoon!"
Beetle 3:"HEY GUYS! CAN I JOIN?!?!"
Beetle 1 & 2:"No."

I don't know why I chose to upload this over other animal stuffings...

Brave face but I was actually grossed out..

Oh! I bought a book from the Museum shop called the Book of Ignorance. Sounds like an interesting, easy read so far!
My little animal over my head was a little fail compared to Jana's... hahahaha

Elk and antelope ears?

I forgot what this is but I love Jana's face hahaha

We packed then I played with Wilson. He was extremely naughty today because we ate too much chips!
Yeah I know.. Zebra foot..

Elephant's foot............ I know I'm cringing in pain

Elephant's ear, huge right? The texture was interesting too

However I told him that I'm leaving tomorrow and he pretended not to care. Ten minutes later he was trying to jump on top of me and I was telling him to calm down but while I was typing away at a blog, he grabbed my head and left me a huge kiss! That was a big surprise to me so when I went AWWWWWW and turned around to him, I saw his head tucked into a blanket bottoms up and he totally shyed away.

I considered this for Dennis to totally fuel his passions of birds! (More like he has a phobia)

Dennis' World!!

I went back to blogging and he did it two more times and said that he'd miss me. He told everyone at dinner the other night that I'm his favourite out of everyone. I'll miss him!
Dennis' Haven!!

Dennis' Nirvana

Dennis' Best Friend!!

Dennis' Paradise!!

Maybe Dennis can just handle the duckies!

Okay, I am so cruel hahaha but its hilarious.
Scientists at work

This is what a Wolverine animal actually is, totally not the fictional Marvel character right? Its so petite!

Inca treasures, I also saw Aztec and Maya. I totally forgot that Aztecs were the human sacrifice enthusiasts.. eughuehruaherhgh

Not a real animal, but.. that egg looks so uncomfortable

This is how a chicken develops inside an egg, looks more like a yellow maggot to me.

Um, because I was all by myself, I didn't want to enter this rainforest by myself. I could hear random noises squawking so.. I stayed out. Its so dark! I didn't want to see the taxidermy animals just staring at me with blank eyes!!

The yummy spicy Mexican chips!

Wilson getting a hair chop in the bathroom