Monday, December 6, 2010

Grand Canyon

Forced to awake at an early (or late for Vegas) 4 am, we had a quick, crappy breakfast at Roxy's diner - our first typical American diner experience.

We were on the bus by 5.40am to head to Arizona and got to Grand Canyon around 9am (Arizona 10am).

Our family chose the helicopter package, and I got to be Co-Pilot. I was designated with carrying the documents and taking care of everyone but the dude made it a bigger deal than it really was. Either way, it was cool being Co-Pilot.

Grandpa and Mummy trying to put seatbelt on


We flew around the canyons with our lungs deprived of air as we held our breaths and gasped at one of the natural wonders of the world. We then touched down by the river and absorbed the wash of blues, hues and the assorted reds.

It is definitely one of my dreams now to see all 7 wonders of the world.
We then hopped on a boat and cruised down the river. Loved it.

We flew back on the Heli and moved onto Eagle Point where there is a spectacular view of the Canyons with a segment that looked similar to an eagle with spreader wings.

Hehehe she's so cute

I look like I'm about to sadistically hurt someone..

As Christina sung, "I am beautiful."

I will kill you... (THE SUNLIGHT CREATED MY BUNG EYE IN THE CAMERA, how freaky is it!!)


We then went onto an engineering masterpiece called skywalk where the bridge is made of glass to peer down 4000 feet. We had to wear cloth slippers and weren't allowed to bring any possessions. My mum scolded my grandpa when we realised he sneaked his camera in, but he just didn't understand English. Cutiepie.

Dude, I'm behemeth

We had lunch then took heaps of photos then moved onto Guana Point (Hey is Guana the bat poo in Ace Ventura? I swore it sounded familiar to me). Guana Point was like a playground adventure with lots of climbing of rocks to do. I was ecstatic!

BUT.. my family was scared and lazy so I did a little myself but had to hurry up with them. I wish I could've ventured out better - I seriously said wow to myself as I stared out at the majestic Grand Canyon onto of my founded Pride Rock. From far away, the Grand Canyon looked like many Salt and Pepper Holders stacked side by side.

The American Indians and the few Chinese people that were there thought that I was a native as well, but of a different nation. Remember when I went to China they all thought I was the Xinjiang native, Uyghur people. They asked if I was that first, when I said no they asked if I was a Taiwanese Aboriginal, when I said no to that question they assumed I was from a Mongolian tribe. WHAT THE HELL? I'm not even dark enough to be any kind of native, I'm as white as bleach. They were so puzzled for a while until my mum came up to me and they figured out that I was Eurasian. LOL.

There was a Singaporean family on my tour bus and they were impeccably rude. We opened the van door for them and one of the boys laughed because my sister struggled to open the door but karma came calling when he jumped out he tripped and fell over. He then yelled BITCH WHAT THE F*** at his mum. Another time, the parents stole our bus seats and we just asked them nicely, but they decided to COMPLETELY ignore us even though we repeated ourselves with ascending volume. It was only when the tour lady asked them that they grumbled back. So, we went to sit on their seats. Rude.

On the drive home we stopped by Hoover Dam, its very pretty and the low level of water actually accentuates its beauty but I guess that's not what we want out of a dam though, lol. The dam sits on the border of Nevada/Arizona. Boulder City is also very mesmerising, as we drove past I had a shiver through my body as I absorbed the scene….. or maybe that was because I needed to pee. Hmm.

hehehe we have kangaroo, koala signs but never a goat one!

Looks like a dystopia world, like Aeon Flux movie hahahaha

When we returned to Stratosphere Hotel we decided to go to their famous tower to capture the view. Las Vegas is very very pretty! The rides they had at Stratosphere looks so scary, I lost my balls seeing people ride it. There was also a sky jump that you can do from the 108th floor down to the bottom. We watched a man embrace his masculinity as he jumped from the building. I was nervous for him.

Mum bought this cheesy photo for Grandpa..

At night we went to see Jubilee at Bally's - pretty much a topless random show. We had celebrity seats because of Grandpa's age and we also got sneaked in because my sister and I aren't 21 yet. I struggled to stay awake and at one point I passed out to wake up at a scene from the bible, except the showgirl was 98% naked and being thrown around a man's body. The show was so random, there was a scene of Samson and Delilah, Titanic, then random sing songs, acrobatics, drum playing, rope climbing.. and lots of topless girls. It wasn't my thing and that's not because of the nature of the girl's costumes - the show was just way too random and unstructured. Don't know why that one is the most famous show of Vegas but the costumes were very pretty.

We watched Bellagio's water fountain spectacular then headed home. I was getting my sickness symptoms again because of the lack of sleep. Grandpa was also very tired from too many days of 3 hour sleep, I'm so proud of him!

We circulated the 12th floor of our hotel upon return for about 20 minutes trying to find our room, we couldn't find our room number anywhere!

We tried our card in a few rooms that were close to our number, and it was so strange that we couldn't find it at all. We were wondering how it could be like that, we were losing our minds. We went downstairs and tried 3 different elevators then tried another area's elevator but still couldn't find it. I gave thought to perhaps drunks going around and switching the number plates, I checked and they're bolted in so that's difficult. Mum thought that we were in a TV show and waiting to see our expressions to be laughed at… I think she's a little starstruck by the world of Vegas or.. America hahaa.

We ran into so many other people that couldn't find their rooms and we finally found out that the hotel changed their number system but gave no announcement or warning. That is quite ridiculous but at least we know we didn't lose our minds. So remembering that our hotel room is in the 3rd block to the left after leaving the escalator area, I found it! Our room number changed from 12-04-07 to 12-033

I packed my suitcase and dissolved into my bed to resume sleep in a record 1 minute flat.

(Wow, I just briefly read over this and realised that I am so tired and it shows! I'm so sorry)


Richard Uttley said...

What an excellent, and very long, but well written (and I like it) post. Deeeeeennnnaaa, glad you're having a good time. Thanks for sharing :)