Monday, December 13, 2010

Road Trip

AHHHHHHH I nearly went nuts after spending about 12 hours on a bus! I was actually verging to the side of lunacy but breathed deeply and calmed down.

BUT, other than that there was some interesting aspects. I got 3 seats to myself in the beginning so I slept very well (that obviously wasn't the interesting part, I'm just attacking the day chronologically)

We went to Hearst's Castle, which was the hope of William Randolph Hearst who owned a media corporation. He befriended celebrities of many kind, and was an art collector. Hearst's Castle was actually only his little ranch but it looked like an empire to me. All the stuff he collected was so beautiful and he mix and matched them without care. In one room I saw Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Free Masonry, Persia articles. Very pretty!

San Francisco was so foggy and Hearst's Castle had a surrounding moat of fog, while the house perched at the top of the mountain was the only location to absorb sunshine. Interesting that the higher spot was warmer and the base of the mountain was drizzling.

Hey, why is it that America always has sky writing in the sky? But its only like a vertical line across the sky.

The second stop was Denmark Village, we spent about 30 minutes here but I spent about 20 minutes in the toilet after a terrible Chinese buffet gone down wrong. For the ten minutes though, I talked to two boys from my tour and they were from New Zealand and India.

The Indian boy sat with me at the back for the rest of the 3 hours because a selfish grandpa and grandma took his seats so that they can have their own two seats at the front. We watched The Last Samurai, Ken Watanabe is a sexy, aged bottle of wine. I would drink that beautiful Japanese grape smoothly, anyday. I'll delve into his wrath of intoxication. OKAY someone fetch me out of this fantasy Ken world!! Too bad his son wasn't as lucky bahaaaaaaa!
Unfortunately, I know his name started with a D but I couldn't understand or pronounce it or remember it.... so unlike meeee I'm sorry!

Aaron - He called me Kangaroo and I called him Kiwi