Friday, December 3, 2010


Grandpa, mummy, Jana and I headed off to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park today. The amount of people that were going was incredible! And to think I used to complain about the numbers that were going to Dreamworld in the Gold Coast.

We started our day off with a warm up to the rides - so the inner child realm of Disneyland. We went on Bobsled Mountain, thinking it would be a pathetic ride it ended up to be quite a thrilling and high speed chase. I was definitely worried about Grandpa, who is 83 this year, but he said he was only a little scared.

So we calmed our souls afterwards on the boat ride, It's a Small World. I remember going through that when I was 4 years old and thinking it was magical and colourful - I now see it as a mechanical assembly of engineering and electricity. I did spare a thought of what it'd be like if you had to tread through the waters at night time when none of the dolls were switched on, music silenced with only a dim light to guide you to the end - how freaky would that be!

We went to Pirates of the Carribean, Indiana Jones, some jungle cruise, Holiday Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (my super doper favourite as a child!) and some other milder ones. Mind you, I'm listing everything that I went with as a family - I am SO (double highlight the word SO) proud of my grandfather! I mean, mum said that he's not going to complain because he's a proud man but even if he was frightened, he's still gutsy at that age!
I wish I bought the tee

Then we had lunch and Jana and I split off from the other two. We went on Space Mountain then moved over to Disney California Adventure Park. When we got there, we went on the Grizzly Bear Water Rafting thingy majiggy. My sister actually spent 6 dollars on a poncho and I couldn't be bothered - and I ended up getting the most drenched on that raft with 5 other people. Lame.

A man at the souvenir shop gave us a 1st Visit pin because we're Australian tourists. Geez, they totally dig the Australian accent in America. Niiiiiceeee, especially when we actually sound like low class bogans.

We went on the rollercoaster about 4 times. It was the best ride of the two lands, and on the last go we got to sit in the front and man it made it exhilarating by ten fold.
We went on a few of the other rides, even a kiddy lady bug ride of my sister's request and watched the Parade for a little bit then moved back over to Disneyland. We then started our souvenir shopping and enjoyed the Castle light up with the sky painted in fake snow foam. Jana and I had pizza then used our fast passes to go on Space Mountain once more. We got the front twice in a row! WOO

Our family all met up to enjoy the fantasy land stroll back to the entrance with the fireworks saying farewell. We then waited in the carpark for our great-aunty and uncle to pick us up, but I got bored so I got creative with my sister's scarf. I should totally be a designer.

We then collapsed into the lure of sleep.