Monday, December 27, 2010


I woke up in the middle of the night crying from a nightmare, I seem to be getting these more than often now. Actually my dream had something to do with Quinton being killed in a car accident because I took too long trying to find directions across the street and there was this person out to get me. There's always a person out to get me, last time it was popstar Madonna with a missing jaw.. Okay I won't describe in detail but basically I was in that apprehensive grog of whether I was now in reality or not so after arguing with myself not to behave like a little girl, I had to make sure that Quinton was alive.

I walked into his room like a creepy, tear jerking girl and just stood at the doorway trying to still argue to go back to bed. I couldn't tell if he was breathing so I said his name a few times then shoved him. He woke up like, "WTF" and then realized I was scared and crying. After a few minutes of me fading back to consciousness and being fearless then having a discussion on psychological nightmare terms I went back to sleep and slept like a baby. He told me in the morning that he realised I'm not that heartless (as people think) and in fact I'm harsh on myself to always stay strong that I don't ever get to let it all out. Got me thinking a little because I'm bottle everything. Would that be the cause of my brain overloading nightmares?

Nevertheless, I'm quite embarrassed for my little sulking girl episode but Qton is like my big brother anyway (the only thing that's reassuring me to still fear the night, haha).

We went to TST yesterday to buy shakers from Tom Lee Music Store. Beforehand we had lunch at this place renowned for.. cheese noodles.
Overwhelming right? I couldn't even finish it.
Double decker bus..

I made the mistake of ordering milk tea the whole combination was just a dairy bomb.
Then we checked out the music store, played around with this jam hub thing where I was smashing it on the drums like a 3 year old and Quinton played with the guitar - it sounded disgusting.
This is how close they drive behind another bus... YEAH SCARY RIGHT

The shakers are actually so hard to coordinate! There's so many little beads in there that you need to control but don't you reckon you just always think that little round plastic things with rice inside would be pretty easy to play with?

We decided to pop up stairs and check out the guitars and OH EM GEE, everybody - STOP BREATHING!

My heart pumped hard to escape out of my rib cage, my eyes glistened with adoration, my saliva slightly seeped through the side of my gaping mouth..
Yo Qton~

Yeah, my sexy matte black Martin CX range guitars were in there! I WAS SO EXCITED because I had been goggling over them over the net and was considering ordering one! I played with it for about an hour, and even hooked it up to the amp and realised that in the end wood gives off the greatest timbre (seems like I typed a 'timber' pun but timbre means the sound tone).
Haro Dna~ Just watching TV you know..

So I slowly fell out of love much like the 11 year old hunk that I was fanatic about in elementary school who dumped me after a week of holding hands with just pinkies and kicking each other in the shins. Sigh, must find me a new guitar love... or if someone can magically waive a matte black goddess of a guitar into their hands...?? Anyone?
Ray, Nomie, Wonton

I've decided anyway that my next instrument buy will be a semi acoustic ukulele, yes yes!

We then went to eat with Quinton's family where I was the biggest klutz, tipping a whole bowl of rice, beef, egg and frog into my lap. I was the coolest chick in the side street restaurant. No, I was actually really humiliated and made it worse by dropping my chopsticks like 3 times and accidentally spilling sticky rice onto my friend's iPhone. BIG SIGH!!!
Jerry probably yelling that I'm clumsy in Cantonese.. :(

Afterwards, Ray, Naomi, Quinton and I went to Causeway Bay for me to experience Hong Kong Karaoke!! In the end, I couldn't really sing much because the variety of Western music was very limited. Of course, I dedicated a screeching belt out for my missus, Celine Dion and attempted my fail reading of Chinese. I had a lot of fun though, and Naomi, Quinton and Ray can all really sing.
Childhood memories :)

Actually, Quinton and Ray totally nail chick songs, I actually prefer hearing them sing high notes than their more natural masculine songs. Haha!

We then went our separate ways and Qton & I stopped by 7/11 to snack up on Yakult, Pocky and Koalas.. we finally got all the 15 stickers we need to get a Sanrio collection charm!

Good night fellow buttercups!