Saturday, December 11, 2010


It was a cloudy morning of 5 am. We left for San Francisco.
We traveled to Fresno where we had an Asian Buffet lunch again. I saw a car's rear window with a massive sticker covering corner to corner of the window saying, "Proud Parents of A Army Soldier."

I don't want to be meaaan, but it is meant to be 'AN' right?
We then headed to Yosemite! I'm making this road trip sound really quick but it was really tiring, I think all up the bus trip to San Francisco was about 9 hours.

I caught this when she didn't expect it but I love it hahah little hermit

We got to Yosemite and saw the biggest rock in the world and the highest waterfall in USA. I actually really enjoyed Yosemite, it was my favourite out of the entire San Francisco trip. To breathe in the fresh air, and consume the beautiful view at 7000 feet high made me feel peaceful for a moment.

There was also snow, which made me so happy! I gleamed as bright as the snow caking the floor when I saw it! Its been 8 years since I've felt snow or even seen it. I definitely want to go play in snow sometime soon now.

We took a walk to the base of the waterfall then my sister and I mucked around in the snow.

We finally made it to Fremont where the entire family was exhausted yet I spent about half an hour trying to unlock my lock on my suitcase. My mum has changed the lock passwords about 5 times already because she can't see when she locks it. It was usually just a one off number, the password is 168 but she usually accidentally puts it to 169 or 268. It wasn't any of those close numbers, so I started from 000 and got to 209 and my frustration was finally released. Lol, that means I tried more than 209 combination before I got to snuggle into my pyjamas and sleep. My fingers were so sore!

Argh me hearties!

Btw, I totally forgot about this but in Disneyland we went on a 4 people ride with these two young boys in high school and we asked them about California and celebrities. We were wondering if its normal for people to know them, or be related and one of the boys said, "I don't think Australia knows him, but I'm Baby Bash's 2nd cousin" How cool is that?!