Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Island

So.. Quinton and I failed to wake up to go to Macau to gamble our time away. Instead we decided to catch a ferry to Long Island to adventure around.

Feeling less than 100%

Medicine tastes like crap..

Buying icecream

We first ate McDonalds to fuel our energies, and then I bought Chinese medicine because I caught a cold. It was so hot and bitter! But I did get to eat this Haw Candy that I ate as a child!
Stare at this closely.. misprinted and trippy right?

We caught the ferry and I felt sea sick so I slept for the entire hour on Quinton, killing his left arm. We arrived at Long Island and walked around for a while, eating a lot of snacks!

So Sick Lane

Grumpy Bum!

We then saw this tricycle with a shade tent thing where one person rides and the other sits and I begged Quinton to hire that one out instead of hiring out our individual bikes. He knew that that meant that he would be riding while I enjoyed the breeze most of the time but luckily I convinced him :)

Nice position..

Now strike a pose!

It was pretty scary at first but then it was a lot of fun! I had a personal chauffeur on the island and we rode towards Cheung Po Tsai Cave where this pirate once hid himself and treasure. We parked the bike and walked up the steep hill enjoying the views and also detouring sometimes to find better mountain top scenery.

Baby Titanic

We finally got to the cave and had no idea that we had to squeeze through tiny holes. Pirates must have been so tiny back in the days!

We then cruised around again, this time Quinton sitting while I lugged his fat bum back to the main area! Quinton then took over because I am obviously unfit and we rode to the beach, enjoyed the sea spray in our faces and returned the bike.

Looks like a dirty lense.. but its the sea spray!

This is the most lame picture ever, we both had no idea that we did the same pose, isn't that hilarious!?

Oh no the jumper swallowed me!

Hands up!

We then explored the night market, buying my childhood bubbles and sitting on a side bench while we made our head spins trying to make the biggest bubble while trying not to breathe in the toxic chemicals of the bubble. I won, of course!

Hehe I put saliva in it on purpose...

Saliva ball

We popped into this cafe that advertised jelly beer because we had half hour to waste before the ferry left, and we were totally pumped to try what jelly beer would be like - and to our disappointment it was pretty much just half frozen beer. L A M E !

I bought a carved sea shell necklace and we headed back to Hong Kong! We went to go have Indian and as we entered the vicinity where many Indian restaurants were gathered, Quinton got bombarded by 8 men handing him brochures convincing him to follow them to the 'best' one!

We had rogan josh, naan and tandoori chicken and the Indian man asked if I was half Indian half Chinese. I was like LOL NO!

There was also this other man that always looked at me and kept giving me the nod and smiling, and when I asked for the bill he decided to move from the kitchen and instead of the waiters, come give me the bill with the hugest, sleaziest grin on his face. Quinton couldn't stop laughing, and I couldn't stop thinking, "FML"
I look so weak..

Compared to Quinton's strike

We then made a quick stop to Kimberley Plaza so Quinton can say hello to friends then we caught the bus home. I got really lazy so Quinton piggy backed me while we walked and waited for a taxi. Due to my big bottom being in the way, we missed two taxis but got the third.

Now we're just chilling with Tsing Tao beers, pocky and I'm blogging :)