Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello Hong Kong!

I got onto my flight, and found that I had an extra seat next to me. I was filled with a radiance of happiness as I've never been lucky to receive any flight fortune. I wish I was one of those people that innocently just sat in their seats and the stewardess would come up and be like, "Madam, you have been upgraded to First Class."

I didn't get to enjoy my extra seat as much as I wanted to because.. the flight was only 1 hour and 20 minutes. I was happy it was a quick flight though. I then bought a train ticket and met up with Quinton at Hong Kong Station.

My bags are heavy, so I apologise to Quinton! We then went back to Quinton's family apartment and I met his mother. She is the CUTEST thing with energy, and it is so blatantly obvious where Quinton got his looks from! They look identical, its just that Quinton is the 1.95m stretched out version.

I was dying of exhaustion and it was easily read on my face, but Quinton's family had just arrived the same day too so we all understood each other. We went out for dinner to this lovely seafood restaurant - but I had to stick to the chicken and lamb due to my allergies.

Nevertheless it was DELICIOUS! Quinton and I finally made it to our own apartment in Kowloon where I had a shower and just dropped into the welcoming arms of my puny bed. My body acts like a bridge between the two walls as my head and feet both touch it. I'm too tall for the bed so I sleep diagonally to create more length. I slept like a baby anyway.

Quinton has to suffer on this creative assembly of a wooden board on boxes, with a futon on top. I can't imagine what he'd look like in my bed because he's tall as. We both woke up in the morning with great sleep though so I'm happy!

I woke up at 5 am though, so its obvious I'm still jet lagged. I greeted the morning by looking out the window and enjoying the really slow and gloomy sunrise, then read for about 2 hours.

Time to start my day!
Good morning Hong Kong.