Saturday, December 25, 2010

One Hungover Christmas

I spent the entire actual day of Christmas completely hungover.
Most probably from eating seafood (which I'm allergic to, well shellfish particularly but I think HK isn't as hygienic and it all kind of contaminates together).
Evil deer

Quinton and I pretty much sprawled all over our apartment doing nothing. In the end, Quinton finally squeaked out that he needed to buy underwear so we headed to APM - a local but well known, huge shopping centre that has a ridiculous architectural design with escalators criss crossing everywhere and skipping random levels. In the end, I just mean its a circular building of confusion.
Quinton's hangover put into cartoon

Totes pumped

But I had fun! The Christmas spirit was there but Qton and I's delusion was prominent. We wandered about, also bought Japanese Chicken Ramen snacks and stopped by a tea house for Lychee de Nata Coco and Mango Agar for Quinton.

Go nuts with highlighters!!

Pac and Xiao Hu (translates to Little Tiger) came over really late and we all just chilled, watched a movie then jammed on the guitar. I then collapsed in exhaustion on Quinton's bed so they all left me to sleep. I happily slept.
We always say 'Curry in a Hurry' but I actually hadn't seen a shop called that until now

Store dedicated to kitty cats, MEOOOW

This Christmas was jolly like Santa's belly.