Friday, December 31, 2010

Sun Lin Faai Lok!

Quinton and I woke up pretty late seeing as we chilled with beers until 6 am, at around 2pm to try and catch Love & Other Drugs at the cinemas but it was such a fail because everything was booked out except the front row, and we really didn't want to let our eyes fry.
My bottle of medicine..

Accidentally, after paying out so many items of clothing from i.t department store, I ended up buying a throwover, high waisted pants and my first clutch. Quinton bought a female beanie but it doesn't look anything feminine. I absolutely love it though, its so adorable!

We went home and I started really feeling sick so I collapsed on Quinton's bed watching TV and took a nap. I felt much better but looked worse, but there's no excuses on New Year's Eve so I quickly got ready and rushed out.
1, 2, 3!

1, 2, 3, 4!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Qton pretending to be drunk (he didn't have to pretend in 3 hours)

We went to Quinton's family friend's gathering! He has the coolest place! It's only the 4th floor but their place is the only one with this huge terrace to chill out in. I drank too much wine and counted down the welcome of 1/1/11!
I love Qton's family!

Gambling time for some of the adults

Few people called me from Australia and I was happy to hear their voices, the texts also made my night! The youthful group of us then moved to Wanchai to go to a Lounge and drink while we waited for LFK to calm down (as we knew it was going to be even more hectic than Christmas)

I'm as red as my lipstick now...

The girls all borrowed my lipstick! Btw, it was a Christmas gift from Dennis so thank you! Even random girls asked where it was from so all night I was like, "CHANEL Passions No. 14!" I should totally be an advertising Ambassador...

We all caught 2 taxis to LFK where there was tonnes of people spilling out on the streets. We stopped by this random bar where a group of inebriated Indians started dancing with us. Quinton bought a round of jelly shots (my first and last time trying) and handed them out to everyone including, the dancing Indians and 'pretty' girls that passed by!

Then there was this boy that locked eyes with me and I was thinking, "WOW he looks so familiar" and I went up to him and said hello and he confirmed with me that he was Kevin my internet friend! HOW CRAZY IS THAT? Like we don't talk that often but we were still like, WOOW WOWWO WOWOWOWW WOWW! Shows how much smaller the world really is.

Quinton and I said goodbye to the rest of the group to go to Beijing club - where Carson, 3#, Gus, Dave and Sio were partying it up! It was $70 entry fee to get inside (probably was a regrettable decision because we weren't there for long)
Biggest bottle I've ever seen!


Quinton wanted me to experience Hong Kong clubbing to show me why he never goes. I totally understand why, the air was suffocating and the ceilings were just a head away from mine, there was no opportunity to dance unless you just wanted to jump up and down. Even then, you probably could only slightly bop. We finally found their table and played games. It was about an hour that Quinton started passing out on the couch so I suggested we moved on home (FOR THE FIRST TIME I ACTUALLY OUTLASTED QUINTON THE GIANT).


We had the coolest taxi driver, who was so hilarious! Quinton told me that I can go to sleep because he had to make sure the taxi driver knew the way home. The taxi driver had to wake us up twice saying, "HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO" and I'd poke Quinton and be like, "QUINTON WAKE UP!" then fall back to sleep. So much for Quinton staying awake for directions...
The taxi driver HAHAHA

As soon as we got home, Quinton slept.

Happy New Year, I hope everyone's heads aren't as hungover as yours truly.