Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bye Taiwan

I'm using my blackberry to blog so excuse the lamity. I spent one short day in Taiwan due to the time travelling penalties of crossing from America to Taiwan.

I started my morning with breakfast then rearranging my suitcase. My mum's 2nd brother and family came over and I chatted with my cousin. I'm taller than him now by nearly a head! We all planned to have dinner together and they went home (which is the top apartment in the same building as my grandparents).

Jana and I watched TV and we got bored so we decided to venture out in the area of Neihu which doesn't have thaaat much but its still okay. We got a call saying that my mum's eldest brother's family had come over to see us so we scurried home.

Jana and I chatted with our cousins, Peishan and Mihan. We taught each other our respective languages. I taught her the word 'abalone' she wanted to learn fish names haha!

They brought over these interesting egg pudding in egg shells (which I'll post later sorry) and a cake to celebrate my grandpa's grandma's Jana's and my birthday in one go.

They soon went home and we rested until dinner. We then met up with my mum's 2nd brother's family again and caught the train to Miramar. It reminds me of Miratomirai in Yokohama, Japan. We went to eat at a restaurant that is literally just made of clay.

The building was like 4 levels high of just clay and crazy assortment of just - clay and decorations of.. Yes clay. I felt like I was in King Triton's castle but under the earth rather than under the sea.

It was a very interesting and strange concept but the food was delicious. We had to walk up spirally stairs to go to the top level, only to have to walk downstairs inside to the restaurant level. The purpose? Nothing but to peruse the art of clay, clay and clay.

By the way, talking about clay the US security chopped off my lock to make sure my clay face wasn't a bomb (you know the one where the dude sculpted me like a cave woman?). I only realised when I opened the suitcase to find my lock snapped and a note from Customs.

This morning I woke up at 3 am due to jet lag. I laid wide awake for about an hour rearranging files on my Blackberry then fell asleep around 4:30. I was awoken at 5:30 to get ready for the driver to pick me up at 8:30. I'll miss my grandparents but I promised I'll come back by myself next time!

I am now at Hong Kong airport and for Tiff & Kaiser who asked how long I was staying - 2 weeks. I had a terrible curry lunch, bought something from duty free and am now waiting to board. I am also about to break loose and go apeshit because the man sitting in the seat beside me won't stop pushing his phlegm down his throat every 5 seconds at a low humming frequency. I think I'm going to move seats AHHHHHHH it's getting to meeeee!

Bye Taiwan!