Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cirque du Soleil

It was 4.5 hours of desert sand, then BAM the dirt was gone - & voila, Las Vegas! We had a buffet lunch for $10, and I thought that whole "America fries everything" was a myth but at the buffet they had fried squid, fried vegetables, fried chicken, fried cheese balls, fried rice :P and even fried sushi (wtf?).

My mum was absolutely hilarious at lunch, my sister was gone for a while and I asked where she was which then queued my mum to declare loudly, "THE LITTLE ONE IS DOING A BIG ONE!" Which then built a great atmosphere of people staring at my sister when she returned to her seat. HAHA!

Jelly Bean Liberty

We then looked around at MGM grand, New York New York, Excalibur, and my sister and I grabbed coffee at Starbucks where people laughed at me for saying "one cent-er" I guess I really am a bogan Australian.
Intense Rainforest Cafe in hotel

Another time, I asked mummy what was on the agenda for tomorrow and she said in the most cocky voice, "Don't you ever listen! We're going to Hopperdang and Canon Grand."
I processed that for about 3 minutes and realised she meant Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. Aww that little cute mummy ball!
My grandpa made his own luxury lounge as we waited.. haha

We ended the night as a family, watching Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio in great seats situated in the middle, first row of the second section.

Plucked from safety
Ushered into the spotlight
You find yourself centre stage.

As your mind swirls
The world you know
Dissolves beneath your feet

Surf this crimson wave,
into an uncharted realm
Sail the turbulent waters of discontentment
Hoat in the calm of peaceful dreams

Journey across oceans of time
Hope and courage alone will guide you
As you navigate toward the shores
Of your own creation.

(Enchanting excerpt from Cirque du Soleil program)
Then browsed the surrounding hotels like Caesar's Palace