Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sunset Blvd

We went to Universal Studios! My sister was super excited because she's a heavy movie enthusiast and a celebrity fanatic so all she would repeat was, "CELEBRITIES HAVE TOUCHED THIS FLOOR SPACE"


But in my opinion? Apart from all the super cool movie sets and hearing the boasts of what movies have been filmed there etc. there isn't that much to it. I prefer the Warner Bros. Movieworld Theme Park back in my home country! The stunt shows were way cooler!

The slight insight into special effects were cool though! I bought souvenirs for friends and a Duff Beer charm for my necklace hahahaha.

War of the Worlds crash scene (Tom Cruise has been here)

"I just wanted to say that.. um it was a privilege acting in a movie by Jerry Bruckheimer..."

I got attacked.

Afterwards we went to Sunset Boulevard and it wasn't all that glitz glamour but still cool! All those costume dressers that scowl the streets are sly and devious! They con you into taking photos and then all I hear ringing in my ears is, TIPS TIPS GIVE US TIPS TIPS...

Freydo the staff member was loving us Australians

Grandpa and mummy rocking the 3D world

Crash Bandicoot? Or.. I don't know lulz

I couldn't get a photo with Shrek, but at least mah sisterz did

Frankenstein, some woodpecker bird and Grinch puppy

So I pull out my wallet and the guy saw a 10 and started stabbing me with a fake knife and saying LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU.. so I totally got freaked out and gave him a 10 tipper for my sister and I. I felt so jipped.

Another one was trying to take a photo with me for ages and I kept saying no no no.. and it started looking bad to him because everyone was just watching him try so I said I'll just give him a hug.

These are the con artists, I want my money back.

Sunsetty Boulevardeo


I bought stuff from Zara and H&M, went to eat Pho and then crashed.