Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It was time to leave Las Vegas, I felt better after a deep 6 hour sleep. The tour group visited a Chocolate Factory that housed M&M's, Skittles, and some other ones. The peanut brittle I sampled was scrumptiliumpcious! We then got to skip around in a Cactus Garden.

We had a $10 buffet again, but at a different place. I started talking to the other people in our Tour group namely because:
1. Jana ran away from me because she farted and had to disperse as people were approaching, so I asked one of the boys if they'd seen her. He's really nice, 17 from St. Barbara - originally from Taiwan
2. I stated that this Buffet was much cleaner than the other one we've been to, and me, a girl and a boy all turned around to look at who I was talking to, which was supposed to be my sister, but she wasn't there. I looked like a fool who talked to myself so I explained to them and we just laughed. I thought they were going to be like 16-19 but I found out that they were 20, 22 and 27. They were shocked to hear that I was 18, they thought I was at least 20. Bleh, I want to look youthful!

Afterwards we got to go shopping, I bought 3 undies and a Coach bag and folio that was down to like 100 dollars each. Crazy. From like 300 each.

We finally got to go home where I then ate hot pot and collapsed into the arms of my blanket.

Sweet, sweet sleep.